Meeting Tanae Clark

Claire Ash, Howler Staff Writer

Santa Fe welcomes Tanae Clark as the new Special Ed-English teacher. Ms. Clark hopes to make an impact on everyone at Santa Fe. 

¨I try to leave my outside life at home so that when I’m here my focus and energy can be on what I can do to help everyone that I meet have a better day,¨ Clark said.

Ms. Clark cares for all her students and wants to help them succeed not only in their education but in life too. Clark’s teaching career began when she started homeschooling her five children for 15 years. She started a homeschool co-op that taught over 100 kids for nearly six years. Last year was her first year teaching in a public school, and she also worked for Epic Charter Schools.

To Clark, teaching is more than just a job.

¨It’s an amazing feeling when you actually love getting up in the morning to go to your job and that’s how I feel since I’ve come to Santa Fe,” Clark said. In just two months time, I’ve really connected with a lot of students, and it just makes my heart happy when I have students tell me that I am their favorite teacher or they thank me for listening to them or I get to see an “a-ha” moment when a student finally “gets it.” 

Previously, Clark attended a law school and was an entrepreneur that owned a very successful company while having the job of being a homeschool mom. 

In her free time, she enjoys crafting, watching OU athletics, traveling, going to the arcade, and hanging out with her kids. During her high school years, she attended Edmond Memorial High School and she studied at the University of Central Oklahoma.

¨There aren’t many jobs that you get such positive feedback on a daily basis and it is great motivation to keep learning how to be a better teacher,¨ Clark said.