Welcome to the wolf den

Alanna LaDeaux, The Howler Staff Writer

On Thursday, August 5, Edmond Santa Fe hosted “Welcome to the Wolf Den” giving a sneak peek of life in high school to the largest incoming freshmen class in Santa Fe’s history.

The first hour of the orientation included fun activities to give the newest members of the wolfpack insight into annual events such as Double Wolf Dare Week, Howdy Week, and the spirit of Santa Fe. The second hour was solely dedicated to the club expo. Santa Fe has a variety of clubs that could appeal to anyone’s interests. Some of the clubs that made an appearance at “Welcome to the Wolf Den” were DECA, Spanish Club, Chinese Club, Bible Study, GSA, Fishing Club and Stomp. 

With all of the options and opportunities Santa Fe has to offer, many freshmen like Alizeh Qazi, are nervous to go back to a sense of normality but glad that Santa Fe held “Welcome to the Wolf Den” to get everyone pumped and prepared for this school year.

 “I haven’t been in school for a whole year because I was doing virtual so it was kind of weird, but it was still good”, Qazi said. “I could see how it was good for the people who did school last year. It was really unusual for me, for not being in that environment for a while, but it was pretty good still.”

As the school year swiftly comes to a start, freshmen may begin to feel overwhelmed or even scared about this new experience, but Santa Fe has a diverse variety of clubs, groups and activities that provide a sense of inclusivity that will make the transition from middle school to high school smooth and trouble-free.