Peek into your soul: Soul movie review


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Soul was released on Christmas day after much delay.

Amy Lam, Santa Fe Staff Writer

What’s your purpose in life? 

Exploring this unique question, Soul was one of the most anticipated films to come out on Disney Plus. Now that it is out, there are a lot of mixed feelings on it. Pete Docter who has produced a multitude of Pixar films produced Soul and it can be said that he didn’t disappoint. He is mainly known for producing Inside Out and Toy Story. 

With a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film follows the protagonist, Joe Gardner, who teaches middle school band. Gardner is offered a full position as a teacher at the school which will provide him with pension and health care but he hesitates to take the job. Gardner’s dream is to pursue his career as a musician and play in a band. After getting a gig with a local quartet, Gardner is ecstatic to perform later that day. However, his luck runs short when he falls into an open manhole. 

The film follows Gardner in the “Great Before’ and the “Great Beyond” where he meets the soul “22” who doesn’t want to go to Earth. The two journey together through the “Great Beyond” trying to find 22’s purpose in life. After much struggle, the two somehow end up back on Earth, but with an unexpected twist. 

As a self proclaimed Disney/Pixar fanatic, expectations were extremely high. What was most exciting and new was the fact that this is the first Pixar film with an African American as the main character. Pixar was founded in 1986, and finally after 34 years, the film was created with Pixar’s first African American protagonist according to NY Times

Disney/Pixar are known for the vibe created by their background music. The film felt familiar with all the same styles of animations and a somewhat upbeat soundtrack. The ambiance is dependent on the music; whether Gardner is venturing through New York City or is intensely playing the piano, Pixar knows exactly how to set the mood musically. 

Like a typical Pixar movie, Soul has a lesson at the end. The lesson Soul portrayed was that there isn’t a set purpose for everyone and that life must be lived and experienced to know the purpose.