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Haley Crane

Santa Fe alum to Santa Fe teacher
Bella Lansberg
Spanish Teacher Ms. Crane

Santa Fe has opened its arms to many new teachers this year, among the new additions is Haley Crane.

Ms. Crane is an avid dancer – participating in competitions all the way from eight years old to her high school graduation. She was also an active member of OU’s Kappa Alpha Theta sorority branch, the first Panhellenic organization to be chartered at the university.

Ms. Crane graduated from Santa Fe in 2018, later pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business. However, she never felt connected to her chosen major, and always found herself drawn back to her love for the Spanish language and culture. 

After switching her major to Spanish education, Ms. Crane once again experienced a familiar passion she had felt back in her high school language classes. 

“The more I took business, the more I realized it wasn’t connecting there,” Crane said. “Once I realized I wanted to try education, it all finally clicked.”

After finally figuring out her career path, Ms. Crane knew she wanted to advance the art of Spanish within the next generation. She desired to give back to her local community and enrich the school that “basically raised” her.

To prepare herself to become a Spanish teacher, Ms. Crane traveled abroad to Spain during her college years, which only increased her devotion to the language.

“I always wanted to travel, so I just kept going and continued studying,” Crane said. “Overall, it was an awesome experience, and furthered my want to share Spanish with others.”

Ms. Crane found her love for Spanish during her time here as a student. She was taught by Mrs. Garrett, Mrs. Ihrig and Ms. Fitch, whom she now works with side by side. She credits Ms. Sackett, who has since left Santa Fe, as her inspiration to become a Spanish teacher today.

“She was someone I really looked up to, and she’s still a mentor to me today,” Crane said. “I loved all of them.”

While Ms. Crane knew she wanted to stay in Edmond, she would have never thought she would end up right back at Santa Fe. Ms. Crane first followed a middle school teaching career, even student-teaching at North, before finally deciding to work here.

“I always loved the Santa Fe community, and it always felt like home to me. When I came back and was interviewed as a teacher, I just instantly knew this was where I wanted to stay.”

Ms. Crane is excited to form connections with her students that will last a lifetime. She plans on going all out for Double Wolf Dare Week (DWDW) and continuing her active traditions for the week from when she was a student at Santa Fe. 

“As a student, my favorite thing was to connect with my teachers. I’m looking forward to being on the reverse side of that, making memories for my classroom.”

Against all odds, Ms. Crane became a Spanish I and II teacher here at her alma mater. This is her first year teaching at Santa Fe and as a whole.

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Marcy Conkin, Howler Staff Writer
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Bella Lansberg, Photography Manager
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