“Edmond needs Jacob Burr”


Zachary Mcnaught, Howler Staff Writer

While the charity of Santa Fe students was on full display during Double Wolf Dare Week (DWDW), one homegrown band (Weevil) was also seeking support for one of their members. 

“Save Jacob Burr” has spread like wildfire after Burr announced he was moving away to Utah during the annual DWDW Wolfstock concert. The band’s guitarist Cash Tebow announced that Burr’s parents were in attendance and urged the crowd to chant “Save Jacob Burr.”

“We’re just out here trying to spread the word about Jacob leaving,” said Jacob’s friend, sophomore Zach Logeman. 

The “Save Jacob Burr” movement went beyond Wolfstock’s scope and spread into other DWDW events. During the Santa Fe’s Got Talent assembly on March 2, a large sign reading “Save Jacob Burr” could be seen in the sophomore section.

“The goal was just to get people to notice and maybe have a little bit of sympathy for our boy Jacob,” freshman Cooper Yarbrough said.

Losing a high school friend to a move is always difficult, but what makes Jacob’s move such a big deal? 

Jacob is vital for the existence of his band “Weevil” as the band’s founder and bass player. Without Jacob, “Weevil” could disband and never see the stage again.

“Weevil” has made an impressive showing at Santa Fe’s own Wolfstock, but also at other Edmond music venues like 89th Street or The Sanctuary. They have also been invited to open for some of the most exciting local punk rock bands like “Otis VCR” or “Caustic.” 

What makes this so impressive is that Jacob is only a 15-year-old student that balances his band with the renowned Edmond Santa Fe marching and concert bands. Burr’s talent on and off the stage is something that would be missed should he move. The grassroots attempt to save Jacob had a larger impact than expected. 

The funds raised to save Jacob during DWDW actually benefited the charity “Not Your Average Joe” which is why a student like Jacob deserves to be saved. His impact on his band members and the school community as a whole can’t be denied.  

Although all valiant attempts were made to Save Jacob Burr, he is still moving out west. But this movement shows that high school kids do care more about others than themselves. If you’re looking for a way to support Jacob Burr, you can contact Zach Logeman for a “Save Jacob Burr” shirt at [email protected]