Cultural Assembly


Leah Parkhurst

Lion Dancers from Vien Giac Buddhist Temple.

Cay Osborn, Howler Staff Writer

Based on the success of last year’s Cultural Fair, for the first time in Santa Fe history STUCO held a Cultural Assembly showcasing the diversity of Santa Fe students and simultaneously raising money for this year’s DWDW recipient Not Your Average Joe.

The assembly consisted of two fashion shows that demonstrated multicultural dresses and outfits, alongside four performances ranging from a dance originating from Bangladesh to a musical performance of La Llorona from Disney Pixar’s Coco. In a dramatic close to the assembly, the students enjoyed a traditional Vietnamese/Chinese Lion Dance.

¨Originating from China, it brings prosperity and good luck to the new year,¨ STUCO President Angelina Lang said. ¨This group specifically was from Vien Giac Buddhist Temple, a local group in OKC.¨

Cultural fair with the new addition of a cultural assembly are perfect ways to showcase the diversity at Santa Fe High School.