Class Comp Round-Up

Cay Osborn, Howler Staff Writer

To benefit this year’s Double Wolf Dare Week (DWDW) recipient, students were encouraged to turn in money to their English teachers for a chance to win an extra 15 minutes of lunch.

Throughout the week, students opened their hearts and wallets and in the end, last place went to freshmen who raised a total of $123.00. Sophomores placed third with $227.60, juniors came in second with $699.63, and seniors won first place with a total of $1046.14. This win will allow seniors extra travel time to eat at some of their favorite restaurants out of driving range, but some seniors have other plans. 

“We will be attending a ‘secret meeting,’” senior Trinity Levy said.  

In the same week as class comps, Santa Fe had a 10k in a day, where $18,567 were raised through basketball bash tickets, class comp donations, student sponsorships, “Do Good Night” and “eat at Qdoba” night.