Winter Sports Assembly


Jett Birsner

Student Council Member Aarav Jilka talking to the wolves

Cay Osborn, Howler Staff Writer

To kickoff Santa Fe’s 2022-2023 winter sports season, students gathered in the big gym and welcomed the swimming, wrestling, e-sports and basketball teams. 

During the assembly, freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors played in two class competitions. One in the form of a relay race. Selected students from each grade completed an untraditional relay including: popping balloons, bear crawls and a teamwork wheel; juniors took the win. Students competed in the crowd favorite spirit stick competition. As no surprise, seniors walked away as the winners.

“I thought I gave it my all,” sophomore Lane Harper said after losing to the juniors in the relay race. “We were in the lead at the beginning then we just ended up not being in the lead anymore.” 

Each winter sports team was called down to the gym floor to be honored by Santa Fe students. While introducing each sport, a funny video compilation featured interviews with members of various sports. 

To close out the assembly Santa Fe Student Council Members Aarav Jilka and Peyton Moakalski invited all students to attend the Holiday Carnival (Dec. 3) in benefit of this year’s Double Wolf Dare Week recipient, Not Your Average Joe.