Francis Tuttle: A career for everyone

Luke Roberson, Copy Editor

Francis Tuttle is a school dedicated to allowing people to explore their career interests. It was founded in 1979 and currently enrolls over 3,000 high school and college students. 

Megan Cline, a former counselor here at Santa Fe, started a new job at Francis Tuttle as a Career Readiness Development Specialist. She spends her days trying to help students find the career path perfect for them.

Every day is different for her, from tours and walk-throughs to career days like the one held here at Santa Fe. She usually spends three days a week doing career examination days to get people interested in the over 35 programs offered for high school students at Francis Tuttle.

Forensics, Culinary Arts and Pre-Nursing are just a few of the career paths Francis Tuttle students showcased on their career day at Santa Fe on Friday, Nov. 11. 

Francis Tuttle also does many other non-academic after-school events.

“We’ve done things like the automotive show, home and garden show for our carpenter and cabinetry,” Cline said. 

Francis Tuttle is an amazing school with 35+ programs, many clubs and after-school events, and a great staff to help you find the career path that’s right for you.