Let it snow: French edition


Kilynn Hammons

French Club enjoying What Do You Meme?

Kilynn Hammons, Howler Staff Writer

French Club’s game night on Friday, Nov. 11 featured snacks, drinks, and games. From the winter weather of the night to Apples to Apples, there were plenty of things for students to do. 

The club previously tried to host the event on Nov. 4 but was postponed due to inclement weather conditions. Ironically, when the club was able to host the event, it started to snow, bringing the students joy.

After playing in the snow, the members played games arranged around Mrs. Begansky’s room. The most popular game of the night had people laughing at the memes and images of the game, What Do You Meme

“The event was super special to me with the snow and being able to connect with my students on another level,” French teacher Jennifer Begansky said. 

At Santa Fe, clubs provide a place for students with common interests to connect with each other. Check out Santa Fe’s website for club meetings and events as we head into the holiday season.