Chinese Club Game Night

Annabelle Gentling, Howler Staff Writer

Jinga table (Annabelle Gentling)

 Chinese club had a game night on Oct. 28, hosting karaoke, card games, and board games in the freshman cafeteria. All students were invited to join the festivities.

Alyana Leck, a junior and the president of the Chinese club reminisced on how the game night came together, and how each person played a role in setting up and making it possible. 

The snack table (Annabelle Gentling )

“The Chinese club officers do meetings every once in a while, and we decide what kind of event everyone would enjoy, and what we want to put on,” Leck said. Then we hand out jobs for each person and go from there.”

The cafeteria was filled with tables, some featured games and activities while others served food, to celebrate the Asian community and diverse backgrounds. 

“I really think that it’s important to celebrate people of different backgrounds and being Asian I think it’s important to stay in touch with my culture and be surrounded by people who have had the same experiences as me,” junior Rosabelle Gonzales said.

Rosabelle Gonzalez at the karaoke table (Annabelle Gentling )