Santa Fe students skate the night away to celebrate Homecoming


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Channing Hill, Howler Staff Writer

To celebrate this year’s Homecoming week and honor the week’s theme of Mamma Mia!, the Edmond Santa Fe Student Council (STUCO) hosted a Roller skating night at South Skate Roller Skating Rink on Tuesday, Oct. 4. 

Although few people wanted to make the 30-minute drive, those who showed up were treated to a 70s-themed night of skating. Within the 2 hours of the event, the South Skate’s staff put on a number of fun competitions for everyone to participate in, such as speed skating and limbo. The skates, usually $11, were loaned for only $5 to Santa Fe students. 

Overall, the night was a success as many Santa Fe supporters attended the event and celebrated this year’s Homecoming festivities by skating the night away.