Underclassmen awards


Kilynn Hammons

Mrs. Hanson giving an award during the ceremony.

Kilynn Hammons, Howler Staff Writer

Thursday, May 12, at the Santa Fe auditorium, freshmen, sophomores and juniors received an award from staff that nominated the students for the Oklahoma Honor Society, Renaissance Scholars Award and the 30 and Above Club awards.

Mr. Hayes sent out an email Friday, April 29,to the students and families that should be receiving the award. 

The awards are the Oklahoma Honor Society award, the Renaissance Scholars Award and the 30 and Above Club award. 

The Oklahoma Honor Society consists of the students that are in the top 10 percent of the students that are enrolled in Santa Fe. The Renaissance Scholars Award is awarded to students with an average grade of 4.0 grade point average (GPA). The 30 and Above Club Award is given to students who score over a 30 on the American College Test (ACT)

There were several other awards that students could be elected through nominations from coaches, sponsors and teachers. In the freshman class, there have been Students of the Week every week over the past school year. This year, the Leader of the Pack for the class of 2025 are freshmen Carson Brumbaugh and Aundra Duhon. 

Freshman Anna Whitehead is proud of herself and the many other students who were awarded last night for awards such as the Oklahoma Honor Society, Renaissance Scholars and the 30 and Above Club. 

“It was nice to see how many students at Santa Fe have done so good academically, it is a special thing to be a part of,” Anna Whitehead said. 

Agreeing with Anna, Ms. Hasons is also very proud of the students and what they have accomplished this year. 

“When you have almost 100 students score above a 30 on the ACT and when you have 300 students in two classes with a 4.0 and above, that’s the best Santa Fe has to offer,” Ms. Hanson said. “The students who were here tonight and won these awards, they’re building their legacy here and that is what we want,.. “because you guys are what makes Santa Fe a great place.