Hocochella 2021 Recap

Howler Staff Writers


Filthy Fun HOCO Kickoff 

By: Cayden Osborn 

On Monday, September 25, students gathered to watch and play intense games of mud volleyball.

For homecoming week, Stuco prepared many different dress-up days and activities for students to participate in. One of the activities offered was mud volleyball. Students were asked to create a team of six, pick a team captain and a team name.

When the day came, all the teams were asked to show up behind the softball field. Teams were placed in brackets and at 6:30 the games began. While waiting to play or taking a break, Kona Ice snow cones were offered alongside bottles of water. Students were pleased that after a year of COVID-19 and quarantine they were able to come together for homecoming and have plenty of fun with friends. 

¨It was actually a really fun school activity and a good way to bond with friends outside of school,¨ Riley Leding, a Freshman, said.

Riley’s team liked the positive atmosphere and the fact that everyone from different grades all came together to have fun. 

¨I did get a lot of mud in my eyes though,¨ Leding said. 


Hocochella Festival 2021

By Channing Hill

In honor of Santa Fe’s homecoming 2021 theme Hocochella, the student council put on a wildly successful festival on Tuesday, October 27. 

At the festival, clubs and organizations like Deca and Pom had booths set up. They had a variety of things for sale, including hair braiding, snacks and fun games like bean bag toss. In addition to student-led activities, the popular Bondi Bowls food truck was parked outside the event, selling sweet acai bowls and cold lemonade throughout the night. 

Live music was playing the entire time, adding to the excitement and energy that was already present in the atmosphere. Some of the bands even had Santa Fe students performing in them, such as Cowboys without the Cow. On top of that, some students were solo and duet performers, like Maryam and Alejandra. 

The Hocochella Festival of 2021 is considered by many to be a majorly successful event; not only was it a great way to raise money for Santa Fe, it was an even better environment to get to know classmates and friends. 


Movie night with the wolves

By: Kaitlyn Marshall

 STUCO hosted a movie night on Wednesday of HOCO week. Spirited Sante Fe students gathered on the football field to watch Lemonade Mouth.

Lemonade Mouth is a musical movie with many catchy songs. As “She’s so gone¨ started, senior Taya Crittenden belted out all the lyrics with a smile on her face. The field erupted in song and everyone sang along to ¨Determinate¨, a favorite scene of junior Ivy Brennan and senior Kyron Pollard. But Lauren Brogan preferred ¨She’s so Gone”. 

Lemonade Mouth was a nostalgic memory to student Ivy Brennan.

¨I loved it, it reminds me of the early two-thousands.¨ Ivy Brennan said.

Ms. Gatewood, STUCO sponsor, explained the process of setting up these events and how everything is organized. When STUCO organizes events the students are in charge and have two chairs and a committee. The STUCO chairs and their committee come up with the schedules and rotations on who’s working what and when.

¨…There are lots of forms to fill out, lots of people that have to give approval for us to even watch a certain movie and you have to pay for licensing. Gatewood said.¨Then the rest is up to the kids, setting up the screen, buying the snacks, all that.¨

 The STUCO team organized a fun-filled HOCO week with a nostalgic movie and looks forward to DWDW coming soon!


Sudden change to HOCO assembly

By Channing Hill

On Thursday, October 30, Santa Fe was forced to move their Homecoming Assembly inside due to stormy weather. However, the assembly was still a success despite the challenges.

Since the assembly couldn’t be held outside and couldn’t be held in the large gym because of Covid-19 restrictions, it was decided that the festivities would take place in the small gym, where Santa Fe’s own broadcasting team was able to live stream the assembly to classrooms throughout the school.

Santa Fe’s Stomp team kicked off the assembly with a stunningly energetic routine, getting everyone excited for the upcoming performances and announcements. Cheer and Pom (often collectively called “Chom” by students) also performed a routine together. 

The Double Wolf Dare Week recipient, Positive Tomorrows, was also announced during the assembly. Positive Tomorrows is an organization that provides a private, tuition-free school for homeless children; Santa Fe is ready and willing to serve its community by raising as much money as possible throughout DWDW.


Hocochella and the homecoming court 

 By Annabelle Gentling 

Friday night’s lights have never been this bright. Santa Fe gathered around “The Wolf Den”(Santa Fe’s stadium) to watch the Homecoming game. There are many homecoming traditions people take to heart. 

Decorations throughout the school are a school favorite as well as the Homecoming court.

“The court this year was beautiful and the decor is something that stucco really did well this year,” sophomore Madison Vanderschaaf said. “It’s an honor to be able to see it all this year without last year’s heavy Covid-19 restrictions”. 

It is Barry Derennaux first year at Santa Fe and he was impressed with the decor and how the school went all out.  

“I thought the hallway decoration was incredible, it was fun to see what albums I recognized and what I didn’t. It’s amazing how Santa Fe is already making such a big impression on new teachers,” Mr. Derennaux said.

Before the game, the crowd cheered hard as the court was announced. The court included Alexa Trotter, Jaida Watson, Averi Foster, Madison Edwards, Allison Pope, Izaiah Sales, Dylan Rogers, Talyn Shettron, Tabry Shettron and Scott Pfeiffer. 

“The dresses were very pretty and all the dresses were very fitting for the court. I think it was nice how the STUCO president walked Averi Foster out because her escort couldn’t,” Lily Hutsell said .   

After the student votes were tallied, the long-awaited announcement came. Madison Edwards and Talyn Shettron were named Queen and King of Homecoming. Madison Edwards watched homecoming her freshman year and looked up to the people in the court. 

“I remember watching my freshman year, seeing all the girls on the court. Hearing my friends and I talking about how cool it would be on homecoming court,” Edwards said. 

Being on the court is a huge honor and something that many underclassmen and juniors dream about. Madison Edwards has advice for those who want to be on the court. 

“I always try to make new friends and always want people to feel welcome. And I think that’s kinda just what paid off, because I had made so many friendships throughout all four years,” Edwards said.