Merch in a Pandemic


Santa Fe DWDW merchandise.

Kara George, Staff Writer

Double Wolf Dare Week (DWDW) is a historic event for Santa Fe High School. Despite being in a pandemic DWDW is finding ways to raise money for The Dragonfly House. The main way this year to buy DWDW merchandise is online.

The official DWDW shirts for 2021 feature a spaceship and stars. The official t-shirts this year are a light purple or light blue color with a minimalistic, cartoon-like design. The design has the DWDW logo coming out of the spaceship and has the year 2021, passing behind it. The blue and purple t-shirts were sold for $20 and all the money raised went towards this year’s charity The Dragonfly House. 

Along with the official shirts, there were also masks and sweatshirts sold by DWDW royalty. The official mask was black with white stars and the quote “Keep Your Space dwdw 2021” on the front. One Santa Fe student selling sweatshirts is Lauren Hamilton. The dark blue sweatshirt sold for $25 and features an astronaut holding a 2021 flag floating in front of the earth.

Despite being on two teams, A and B, DWDW found a way to bring Santa Fe together.