Senior sunset 2023

Jett Birsner, Editor-in-Chief

Seniors gathered on the football field last Wednesday to spend time with one another and watch the sunset as their last year in high school comes to an end.

Many seniors chatted with their friends on picnic blankets while others played games like frisbee and soccer.

“It was cool to see all my friends one last time before graduation,” valedictorian Nayyar Kibria said. “I’m gonna miss them a lot.”

Toward the end of the night, everyone walked to the top of the bleachers and reminisced about their time as students at Santa Fe. Ashton Kelch, a senior involved in media production, spoke about his time as a student-athlete.

“I still remember going out to play linebacker on that field as a freshman,” Kelch said. “There ain’t nothing quite like high school football.”

The school also provided the seniors with free pizza. Aarav Jilka, former student council philanthropy chair and valedictorian, ate eight slices of pizza.

“It was very generous of EPS to provide that pizza,” Jilka said. “I’d rate it a ten out of ten.”

As the seniors left the field and headed home, Tommy Salori, a member of DECCA, turned to his friends and summarized the night in one sentence.

“Guys, the sun is really setting on our senior year,” Salori said.