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After 40 years, Edmond schools rebrands

Is the new logo a nogo?
Edmond Public Schools new logo #2

Directors of Edmond Public Schools (EPS) unveiled the district’s new logo to honor the tradition and history of all schools representing the city of Edmond. 

On May 13, teachers and staff members received an email that depicted and explained the meaning behind the new logo. District directors point out within the email that school identities will remain the same while immediate changes to their website, social media platforms and direct email signatures will ensue. 

“I think that change is good,” teacher James Snow said. “But not just for change’s sake.”

The “E” visible in the logo represents the heart of the district. The star placed next to the “E” represents light as EPS remains a steady light in the community.  Lastly, the color changes to purple, gold and orange represent royalty, excellence and brightness. 

“I think it was an unnecessary change that distracts from the point of education,” junior Aidan Mccormick said. “The original logo was generic and made sense. This one doesn’t.”

Toward the end of the email, district officials revealed upcoming projects including an employee store that will feature new logo swag for sale. Although a new logo is in place, EPS executives maintain that the four principles of belonging, collaboration, integrity and hope will still stand as a foundation for Edmond schools.

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  • M

    Marilyn CappsMay 14, 2024 at 3:11 pm

    Some people are just averse to change. I like the new logo and the meaning behind it. Lets keep Edmond moving forward!

  • T

    TrishMay 13, 2024 at 7:44 pm

    Will this help educate our children? No
    Not a fan of changing the logo.