Boy Bands ’23


Kilynn Hammons

Celebration of Boy Bands

Kilynn Hammons, Howler Staff Writer

Boy Bands Roster (Kilynn Hammons)

Once again, Boy Bands is back to get Santa Fe’s students hyped for Double Wolf Dare Week (DWDW).
Boy Bands is an annual tradition for DWDW, boys from each grade audition for this chance to perform during the Boy Bands assembly.

Senior Boy Bands (Kilynn Hammons)

They worked with our cheer and poms teams to choreograph their dances to popular music mash-ups, months in advance and work to learn their dances to perform during this annual assembly.

“I felt really good about our performance,” senior John Dixon said. “We put in a lot of work and so I’m really happy it all paid off. It’s really sentimental because it was the last one of course.”

The honor of being in Boy Bands follows the students through their high school careers, gaining fans and building expectations for what will come year after year.

Sophomores Boy Bands (Kilynn Hammons)

” I’m feeling pretty well. I think this performance was the best it has been,” Nelson said. “ It was fun doing Boy Bands. I suggest every kid tries it out.”

Sometimes alumni students come back to experience DWDW, especially when those students were on Santa Fe’s Student Council.

¨I love the Boy Bands a lot: I definitely love the seniors,” alumni Jesse Wilbanks said. “The seniors were definitely my favorite band.”