3v3 soccer and basketball

Kilynn Hammons and Cayden Osborn

With Double Wolf Dare Week (DWDW) around the corner, Santa Fe’s Student Council (STUCO) has planned many events to benefit this year’s recipient, Not Your Average Joe. Two of these events are Santa Fe’s annual 3v3 soccer and 3v3 basketball tournaments.

With a total of 28 teams signed up for the basketball portion of the tournament, no one would have guessed a group consisting of three freshmen would win. 

¨Being on the winning team feels great mainly because I hate losing, but it was fun to get some runs in while having fun with my guys,¨ Freshman Daniel Cochrane said. 

The final game of the 3v3 soccer tournament was an intense game with a score of 1-1 and went into overtime. Conor Iscul scored the last goal of the night leaving the score 2-1, letting “The Avengers” win the tournament. Iscul was lifted up by the crowd as they were chanting his name.