French Club: All are welcome

“Bienvenue on club France”


Kilynn Hammons

Snacks that were offered during the evening.

Kilynn Hammons, Howler Staff Writer

Snacks, drinks, pajamas and Ratatouille were all welcomed in Ms. Begansky’s room on Friday, Sept. 16 for their opening night for people to learn about the French club. Ms. Begansky’s room is at the back of the freshman academy, room F130. 

During the evening, students were able to come and go as they were pleased to experience what French Club was all about. Ms. Begansky, the sponsor of the club, teaches French at Santa Fe High School. 

“The evening was fun and eventful, I was happy with the number of students that came out for the evening,” Ms. Begansky said. 

The club said they had a successful opening night and they hope for more people to join.

You can get more information about the club by emailing Ms. Begansky 

[email protected]