Santa Fe’s ID rules tighten up

Kaitlyn Marshall, Howler Staff Writer

Originally, when student IDs were implemented in 2019, students were given only a badge. However, once students hit their first year of high school they were given a lanyard to attach to their ID card. This year School administrators encourage students to wear their IDs purely to help keep everyone safe in light of recent events.

“ID badges are one of several components of an effective school safety and security system.” said Mrs. Johnston, the assistant principal. “It is a simple yet effective way to keep the school safe by knowing who is in the building at all times and being able to verify their identity. It is a quick way to know who belongs in the school and who doesn’t. The goal is to restrict access to those who should not be on campus as IDs can be used to get into the doors.”

Due to the recent  Uvalde shooting and others, schools have been pushed to implement better security within schools. With these IDs, Edmond Santa Fe administrators are hoping they will help keep unidentified people out or help catch them before anyone gets hurt. 

“What we’ve learned this summer and over the last three to five years is that student IDs and faculty IDs are the number one deterrent for strangers in the building,” Mrs. Hanson, assistant principal said. “I came from a school with metal detectors and it doesn’t work. IDs help get you into lunch, doors and Chromebook check out, so we want to make it not only a safety issue but convenient for students as well.”

When students were asked about their feelings on IDs and what these IDs hope to accomplish, most were undecided on how they made them feel.

“I dislike them. I’m not a fan at all but I understand why they are enforcing them,” said Ainsley Williams, a senior.

On the other hand, Some students feel differently about IDs in school settings.

“I don’t have a problem with ID’s. wearing an ID at school doesn’t affect me in a negative way, it just makes me feel safer,” said Addi Roberts, a senior.

School shootings have always been around but in the past two years (2021-2022) shootings have skyrocketed.. To decrease the number of school shootings, many schools have implemented new safety measures and rules, and educators expect them to be followed.

“We all have to collectively work towards keeping each other safe and accountable.” said Mr. Gibson, assistant principal. “When it comes to funding for better security, that is the issue. We could have metal detectors but it’s expensive and no one wants to go through a metal detector. At the end of the day, I want to know that my students are safe and ID’s are a step in that direction.”

IDs are here to help and to make schools safer and make the students feel safe in their learning environments. 

Other resources for students are- Suicide Prevention Lifeline, “A Friend Asks” App | The Jason Foundation, Inc.