Happy retirement Mr. Truesdell


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Mr. Truesdell at the faculty retirement party.

Zachary Mcnaught, Howler Staff Writer

After 40 years of teaching Larry Truesdell has decided to retire. During his 18 years of teaching at Santa Fe he has kept students inspired and expressed his interest in the Beatles.

Mr. Truesdell has a fascination with the Beatles. Most of his classroom is completely covered in Beatles paraphernalia. Truesdell even goes the extra mile to show his love for the Beatles and has been hanging up his ties all around the room. Every tie he puts up has its own special meaning to him.

His love for the Beatles sparked when he heard the infamous “I wanna hold your hand” on the radio on his way to a little league basketball game in 1963. Another reason Truesdell enjoys the Beatles so much is when they came to the U.S, the Beatles wouldn’t allow their concerts to be segregated.

“I just thought man, I really like these guys, and [my love for them]  just grew and grew,” Truesdell said.

Truesdell’s favorite Beatle is George Harrison because he believes his guitar playing is unbelievable. He’s gone to multiple concerts; he’s seen Paul McCartney and Ringo in concert but unfortunately never at the same time. He says he’d love to be able to take his grandkids to a concert eventually.

After retirement, Truesdell plans on spending more time with his six grandkids. He wants to travel with them across the country and possibly to Europe. Another opportunity for Truesdell is to become a bus driver for Edmond Public Schools.

“I’d love to get to go to the grand canyon or to Los Angeles, or even to Liverpool where the Beatles started,” Truesdell said.

Truesdell has one message for the students before retirement.

“When good people do nothing evil prospers” Truesdell Said

Thank you so much for everything you have done Mr. Truesdell. Have a great retirement!