Oklahoma’s first tornado



Free public domain CC0 photo.

Raigen Hoffner, Howler Staff Writer

On March 21, Oklahoma had its first tornado of the year. This storm left more than a dozen people injured and also damaged a school, homes and businesses. Oklahoma was not the only state that had to endure this EF2 tornado though. It also hit Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and parts of Arkansas. 

Many people didn’t hear about this tornado until after it happened because it struck down in Kingston, a small town in Oklahoma near the Texas border. This tornado stayed mostly in Texas. The first major one being near Jacksonville, Texas and it only escalated from there. 

This tornado left many people and towns devastated and afraid. There is a lot of clean-up and rebuilding that has to be done; house’s roofs were ripped off and debris was everywhere. Whether it be physically, mentally, or financially many were injured in this extremely destructive tornado.