Sushi starts at Nhinja Sushi

Claire Ash, Howler Staff Writer

If you’re looking for affordable, good quality sushi, Nhinja Sushi is a great place to go.

Located on 15th and Bryant, Nhinja Sushi has a variety of sushi, soups and other sea-food based dishes.

The first item to review is Nhinja Sushi’s most popular dish, the California Roll. It’s made with crab sticks, cucumber, avocado and sesame seeds. It has a light and savory taste to it, making a good meal for those who have a palate for light-savory dishes. 

If you’re a basic person, the California Roll is perfect for you. This roll is a good starter if you’re new to sushi and sea-food.

“Our Fried Rice is also a very popular dish ordered,” a Nhinja Sushi employee said.

Fried Rice, another favored dish ordered at Nhinja Sushi. Their fried rice has a sweet and buttery taste, served with a variety of diced carrots, peas, onions, egg and celery, mixed within the rice. This side perfectly compliments any dish order.

Lastly, the Egg Drop soup. This is made with egg blossoms, scallions and sesame oil. The soup has a buttery egg-like taste, with a slight spice. The Egg Drop soup is not as popular as the California Roll but definitely delicious.

Nhinja Sushi has food that fills you with satisfaction and delight while maintaining a reasonable price.