Santa Fe silent during charity fundraiser


Annabelle Gentling, Howler Staff Writer

Covid-19 madness and snags in STUCO plans, left the Kendra Scott DWDW event by the “Double Wolf Dare Week Committee” empty. On Monday, January 17, Santa Fe was scheduled to host an event located at Edmond’s Kendra Scott on 1452 S Bryant Ave. However, it was vacant of Santa Fe members though Kendra Scott had a small sign located at the front of the store.

 “Stuco was contacted about this matter, but there was no response,” a Kendra Scott employee said. 

The event and its profits were supposed to go to “Positive Tomorrows,” a safe space for children who are homeless and in need of simple things like doctor’s visits and birthday parties. Hopefully, the DWDW committee’s other events aren’t caught in Covid barriers as the school heads into Double Wolf Dare Week. If you missed your chance to donate you can still donate to the website to help Positive Tomorrows.