The Black Student Union is up and running

Alanna LaDeaux, Howler Staff Writer

In the Edmond Public School district, there are a total of 25,475 students. Edmond Santa Fe High School houses 2,357 of those students. About 470 of those students are black, making that about twenty percent of Santa Fe’s student body.

As a minority, many students may feel like they do not have a voice or that their voice is not being heard. A club based on diversity and inclusion may make more students feel more welcome, and like they belong. 

These days there is an abundance of words that focus on fairness in a school or even life setting. Diversity and inclusion are just two that stick out. These words are commonly mistaken for synonyms of each other, but that couldn’t be more wrong. 

A club based around the education of diversity and inclusion could be the key to making kids in the minority feel more comfortable and accepted. Santa Fe’s Black Student Union (BSU) is up and running. The success rate went through the roof with more than 120 members. 

The BSU hopes to only grow from here and is open to any interested new member. Stay tuned for any upcoming events and meetings for the BSU. 

If you have any questions about the BSU please contact Alanna LaDeaux, the founder of BSU, Kisha Hardy, co-sponsor of BSU or Alexandria Jackson, co- sponsor of the BSU.