Top 10 Thanksgiving side dishes

Claire Ash, Howler Staff Writer

In light of the holiday season, let’s take a look at 10 of the most popular Thanksgiving dishes, ranked from most popular to least popular. 

The highest-ranked dish is mashed potatoes, a dish made by mashing boiled potatoes that will surely have you going back for seconds. It’s an all-time favorite for students at Santa Fe. Ranked second is stuffing, a dish composed of herbs and starch such as bread. 

“I like the stuffing,” freshman Ayan Park said.

Coming in a close third is macaroni and cheese. A dish of cooked macaroni pasta and a cheese sauce, most commonly cheddar. 

In fourth place is cranberry sauce, a sweet treat for any Thanksgiving meal. 

Fifth on the list is green bean casserole, consisting mostly of cooked green beans, cream of mushroom soup, and french fried onions. It is considered one of the more healthy dishes eaten on the holiday. 

Sixth is butternut squash mashed potatoes, which have a sweeter taste to them than regular mashed potatoes. 

Gravy, a creamy smooth dish that goes with any side, places seventh on the Thanksgiving dish list. 

Surprisingly, pie is eighth on the list. Perhaps they are just too stuffed after the big meal.

Ninth is buttered corn on the cob, this is dish is great for any meal, not just Thanksgiving.

Placing tenth and winning the least popular Thanksgiving dish is jello pie.

¨umm jello pie is not my favorite,¨ freshman Finnley Brooke said.

All in all, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be nearly as flavorful as it is without the dishes on the side.