DWDW decorations are out of this world!

Grace Hepner, Santa Fe Staff Writer

The decorations have always been one of Santa Fe students’ favorite parts of Double Wolf Dare Week. Even though this DWDW has been unlike any other, with restrictions on events to follow COVID-19 guidelines, Santa Fe´s Student Council has made sure that the hallway decorations are memorable. Throughout the entire school, you can walk and admire the artistic spin that STUCO members put on the ¨Space¨ theme. If you have questions about what day each event is on, don’t fret because in the back hall there is a huge calendar that specifies assembly days. There is also a LED sign that says ¨DWDW¨ which is a perfect spot to take pictures with your friends. Decorations in Center Hall have been a fan favorite with the overhead lights shut off and replaced by a blacklight illuminates  neon paint all over the walls with messages to get its readers hyped for the week. Unlike previous years, there are many hallways, such as A,B,C,D,F, and G hall that are not decorated. However, all of the main hallways are decked out and waiting to be admired.