The spirit of Santa Fe homecoming 2020

Homecoming Theme Santa Fe: A Netflix Original-

Have nothing to binge when virtual work is done? Experience the premiere of “Santa Fe Homecoming: A Netflix Original.” This school year has been anything but traditional; however, Homecoming is a tradition that Santa Fe can’t quit. 

Student council (StuCo) worked, physically and virtually, to make this year’s Homecoming (HOCO) up to par like previous years. With the awaited event being pushed back, Santa Fe as a whole didn’t let that stop their school spirit.

“With half of StuCo quarantined and having HOCO moved back, we had to adapt and overcome. As far as expectations, they are still the same as before: Have the best HOCO yet,” senior StuCo president Cadan Peters said. 

To spread the spirit, Santa Fe’s Homecoming committee planned a week filled with events that would encourage students to participate and have a little fun. 

The Homecoming week started off strong with a showing of Halloweentown on Wednesday, followed by an outdoor night assembly on Thursday; however, the biggest event of the week was Friday’s Homecoming football game, in which Santa Fe won against Yukon with Homecoming spirit.

While the 2020 Homecoming events appear to be similar to previous years, Santa Fe took precautions to adapt to COVID-19 such as mask requirements, one-on-one contact with others and social distancing.

“Even though we are at our most limited, I just hope that we come together as a whole and show our love for Santa Fe,” junior and StuCo public relations manager David Dimandja said. 

The events have sparked a brand new sense of virtual spirit, with an emphasis on social media and online interactions. These events have spread the Homecoming spirit, with the most anticipated event of the week: the brand new Homecoming tailgate.

The tailgate, better known as HOCO Fest, was created to turn the tide and cure the disease of lack of spirit. The tailgate consisted of clubs and organizations setting up booths in Santa Fe’s parking lot showcasing their club to entice students to join. It was The Fe’s first year to have a Homecoming Week tailgate; many questions arose regarding turnout, and the possible continuation of this event in coming years. 

¨I expect HOCO Fest to draw in a fairly large crowd because it’s going to be a place where clubs are going to come together in a sense of unity and normalcy but also following safety guidelines,¨ chair of the Homecoming fest LaBraia Owens said. ¨We are bringing in food trucks so that students can just hang out, have fun and eat.¨ 

Even though this Homecoming tailgate consisted of masks and social distancing, COVID-19 could not dampen this school’s most unifying week of 2020. The old normalcy of high school lingers in the air with the cherry on top: the continuation of the oldest Homecoming tradition which is the Homecoming court.

Every year, a Homecoming King and Queen are chosen by the student body. The winners were announced Thursday evening at the night assembly before the football game on Friday. The process of picking Homecoming King and Queen starts with the seniors on the football team picking 10 nominees. 

 “The student body gets to select from the top five of those[nominees] with the only criteria being that all of the boys must be on the football team and all members have to be in the senior class,” senior Homecoming chair and Queen nominee Landry Purvis said.

However, due to a positive case of COVID-19 at Santa Fe, the spirit of Homecoming was stalled and it reflected within the Homecoming court. 

“There’s nothing you can do about it. They have to do what makes them feel safe and what is in their best interest which I believe will cause some students to stray away from participating,” senior offensive lineman and nominee for Homecoming King Ryan Denny said.

 Nonetheless, even with the spirit levels of Homecoming sagging, there was still loads of excitement within the court.

 “I am looking forward to our All-Squad dance, which is where Pom and Cheer perform a routine together,” a member of Pom and a nominee for Homecoming Queen Chandler Wolf said.

Despite the troubles StuCo has faced with pandemic guidelines, and the delay of Homecoming, HOCO 2020 was still a massive success in many ways. 

My expectations were surpassed. With COVID in mind, it was hit or miss with what we were allowed to do,” StuCo sponsor Meg Gatewood said. “The events we put on were safe and fun.”