Why you should try volunteer work

Volunteer Work

Oklahoma Science Museum

People volunteering at the Oklahoma Science Museum

Braxton Knapp, The Howler Staff Writer

While many might not consider volunteer work a hobby, volunteer work can be a useful and fun way to spend one’s free time. Volunteer work facilitates experiencing new things, meeting new people, and learning new skills all while taking on an essential role for your community.

Most people associate volunteer work with picking up trash from roads or beaches, despite trash being a small part of volunteer work. Volunteer work encompasses a wide variety of activities, such as mowing a neighbor’s lawn, handing out posters to raise awareness for those in need, helping out at the library, helping maintain a local garden and so much more. All of these activities also make volunteers meet a wide variety of people and learn a wide variety of things that aren’t normally taught.

Volunteer work is essential for keeping a community clean and happy. One example of this is waste management. Around 900 people die annually due to fires started by litter, meaning volunteers save lives by cleaning potentially dangerous waste. Volunteers are a vital component to communities, despite the lack of recognition from their communities.

The impact that just one person can make on keeping a community happy and healthy cannot be underestimated. This impact is why the next time you’re bored and have some free time, you should consider helping your community and signing up for some volunteer work. 

Waste Management Infographic
Braxton Knapp