Estella Stevenson: performer, singer, artist

Channing Hill, Howler Copy Editor

Estella Stevenson is one of Santa Fe’s many students involved in numerous clubs and activities, both inside and outside of the school. The wide range of interests that she manages to balance regularly is nothing short of impressive. 

“I honestly don’t know how I manage everything,” Stevenson said. “Because of my busy schedule sometimes I have conflicts with my activities, but I make it work somehow.”

Stevenson is a member of Santa Fe’s Varsity Pom, choir, show choir and National Honor Society. In addition to these in-school activities, she participates in community musical theater, dance classes and voice lessons. However, her favorite activity she does both in and out of school is musical theater because of the great community. 

“It always makes me feel good stepping on the stage so I can sing, dance and just do what I love,” Stevenson said. 

After attending the University of Central Oklahoma, Stevenson plans to pursue a career in musical theater. Her advice for underclassmen and her fellow wolves involves doing what you love without worrying about other peoples’ opinions. 

“If you want to do something, do it! If you love doing something, then you should do it; you shouldn’t care if someone is judging you,” Stevenson said.