Halloween party themes


Claire Ash

Despicable Me 2 costume

Claire Ash, Howler Staff Writer

Halloween is right around the corner and so are the parties. Any frightening Halloween party should have a theme, here are some theme ideas.

White lies
This costume requires dressing in all white and writing an obvious lie about yourself on your shirt. For example, If someone is always yelling they could write, ¨I never yell.¨

Dress as your type
For this costume theme, you dress as your type. An example would be if a girl likes baseball boys, she would dress up as a baseball player/boy.

Dress as your fear
Dressing up as what you’re scared of is a spooky and exciting party theme. It’s an interesting way to learn more about your party guests.

ABC (anything but clothes)
This costume idea is creative yet challenging. Some ideas include a trash bag, a cardboard box, a caution tape dress and anything else besides clothes.

Couples costumes
Cute and spooky couple’s costumes never fail to be the center of attention. Devil and angels, Mario and Luigi, Ketchup and Mustard are some ideas to consider.

Group fit
Getting a group together to dress up as a popular famous group. For instance: ¨Friends,¨ ¨Paw patrol,¨ ¨One Direction.¨

Halloween parties are all about ghostly fun and these party theme ideas will scare the pants off your guests.