Top Halloween decor places you need to check out


Wikimedia Commons

Halloween haunted house.

Kaitlyn Marshall, Howler Staff Writer

Everybody scream, everybody scream! October is officially here and with it, fall (hopefully fall will stay for awhile). As the spookiest holiday of October approaches, here are some scare-tastic places to get frightening Halloween decorations for you and your family… including your pets.

First on the list is Spirit Halloween. Spirit is a staple when it comes to Halloween; everyone knows it’s an iconic spooky store. The spirit stores have costumes galore for whatever you want to dress up as and decorations to die for… literally. 

Second, Party City. Party City has everything for parties of any kind with good deals just for you. Party City is well known and open year round for all occasions.

The Home Depot and At Home have a wider variety of outside decorations and house decorations, if you are looking for some ”fangtastic” decor. There is a plethora to choose from at  At Home; they even have decorations for all other seasons and occasions, which are sure to have you leaving with more than came for. 

Lastly we have Walgreens and Dollar Tree. Walgreens has upped their game and has good Halloween decorations ready for you to buy this year. Dollar Tree, of course, has some of the most affordable Halloween decorations for all your ghostly needs.

When Halloween arrives, visit these stores to gather your scariest costumes and spookiest decorations to get ready for the fright of your life.