Poetry Contest


Alanna LaDeaux

Poetry prompts provided by the SFHS library.

Alanna LaDeaux, Howler Staff Writer

The month of April is just another month to many people, but to writers all over America, this is a month to celebrate great poetry. 

Many contests and events will be held this month, but one to look out for is Edmond Santa Fe’s annual National Poetry Month Contest.

The rules and requirements are simple: 

  1. Your work must be original, plagiarism is not permitted.
  2. Must be typed with size 12 font, but you may use whatever format you desire.
  3. Must add your name in the title of the poem or at the end of the poem, but not in the header. If you wish to remain anonymous, put “Anonymous” in one of the places listed above.
  4. Maximum two-page limit per poem and a maximum of two entries per person.
  5. Must be submitted digitally. Make the title of your document in the format “Last name First name – # of poems”.
  6. Share poem(s) on one Google Doc from your school account with [email protected]. Begin each poem on a separate page.
  7. All poems are due via email by 3:30 p.m. Thursday, April 21.
  8. All pictures, artwork and visuals are accepted, but no vulgar language or obscene images. 
  9. All judging will be based on creativity, originality and poetic devices.
  10. All submissions that are appropriate will be published in the Santa Fe Libraries annually published poetry contest book. Winners will be posted on the library windows.

If you want to put your talents to the test but are having trouble thinking of ideas there will be a photo attached to this article of prompts that you could use, or maybe just to give you some ideas. 

Celebrate the month of poetry through poetry and good luck writing!