Teacher Snacks DWDW

Claire Ash, Staff-Writer

Double Wolf Dare Week is here, and you can help raise money by purchasing fun treats from teachers.

Mrs. McDaniel, in room F141, is selling homemade jolly rancher lollipops. They are $1.00 each and are very popular. She will continue selling these till the end of Double Wold Dare Week (DWDW). 

Mr. Blackwood is selling delicious pancakes, two for $1.00. He is selling them Monday through Friday all day during DWDW; you can get these sweet treats at the west end of B hall, room 13.

You can also purchase baked sweets such as Zebra Cake Rolls, Cosmic Brownies and Honey Buns for $1.50. 

Freshman biology teacher Mrs. Toney, located in room F121, is selling a variety of snacks. Starting with Coke, Dr. Pepper, A&W Root Beer and Oatmeal Cream Pies for $1.00, as well as a variety of flaming hot and regular chips for $1.50. 

“I love DWDW and what it stands for, I have challenged my students in my Biology classes to raise $2000,” said Mrs. Toney. “If you are interested in helping my classes reach their goal, come by and buy some snacks.”

Go find some of these teachers to get some delicious treats and help raise money for DWDW.