Native American Heritage Month: What it means to Santa Fe

Kaitlyn Marshall, Howler Staff Writer

Native American Heritage Month (NAHM) recognizes the contributions of many indigenous people throughout history. Santa Fe has its own share of indigenous representation through not only students but faculty.

Ms. Cunningham- Ms. Brays student teacher (Kaitlyn Marshall)

“When it comes to Native American History, I think that history has gotten it wrong for many years. The way people have learned about Native American history as a whole, whether it’s my tribe or any of them. said Ms. Cunningham, a student-teacher here at Santa Fe High school and a member of the Comanche Tribe. “The history isn’t always accurate. So with November being NAHM, I hope we can provide information and on the truth of our history and what our ancestors gave us.”

Learning about Native Americans and their history is important because they have contributed to a lot of resources we use today. Most of the stuff we learn about them is not the whole story and sometimes not even true.

Mrs.mason- A History teacher and member of the Comanche tribe. (Kaitlyn marshall)

“It’s so diverse, You can’t just learn about one tribe, and you’re good to go,” said Mrs. Mason, a History teacher, and member of the Cherokee Nation Mobile tribe.”We learn about a lot, like the pilgrims and the tribe they interacted with but there are so many other tribes and were blessed to have 45 in Oklahoma. These are our neighbors, so we should learn about them and their culture.”

Native Americans do not get enough recognition in the community, learning and educating yourself on the hardships they went through and the foods, songs and tribal stories, etc. is a way of knowing your neighbor.

Mr . Harp- A History teacher and a Member of the Comanche tribe (Kaitlyn Marshall)

“I think it is essential to teach about Native Americans, many times we study native history as these cultures are gone and in the past tense, however, tribes still exist, their culture still exists and need to be learned and celebrated,” said Mr. Harp, a history teacher and also a member of the Cherokee tribe.

Native Americans value the earth and the land that gives them food and resources. Everyone has something to learn and add to any culture out there. Santa Fe High School is proud to have these teachers and the representation they add to the school.

“The Holy Land is everywhere,”- Black Elk.