Santa Fe Cross Country Girls place eighth at State


Mike Morton

Natalie Duggan places 9th in the state.

Oleksandr Marmuta, Howler Staff Writer

Saturday, October 30, Santa Fe hosted the state championship for Cross Country. The Lady Wolves competed for the state title. 

Santa Fe girls placed eighth in the state with a total of 198 points. Only freshman Maxton Barker and Sophomore Jack Sydnes ran for the boys cross country team.

Around  8:30 AM, the girls started for their run. They took: ninth place Freshman Natalie Duggan with 18:50.50; 15th place Junior Audrey Hill with 19:22.02; 16th place Sophomore Aaliyah Joshua with 19:23.67; Sophomore Cambree Kuranoff with 22:15.89; Sophomore Sofia Hale with 22:34.34; Senior Kiley Keene with 22:41.82; Sophomore Katarina Samwel with 23:17.65.

It was Freshman Natalie Duggan’s first time competing in the state competition.

“There’s a lot of good girls in team, everyone is super sweet,” Natalie Duggan said.“Sometimes they goof off a bit and I think we could have done better if they really tried. But for the most part, everyone has a lot of potential.”

This is the last cross country competition in this season.

“A lot of people did very well, it happened like everyone expected it to. It is my first year going to state, it was really fun. Just being out there and getting to run for the school against basically the best people in the state was quite fun.” Duggan said.