Football coach now Santa Fe’s new social studies teacher

Shelia Nk., Howler Staff Writer

Robby Carriger is Santa Fe’s new social studies teacher. Mr. Carriger has over 30 students and describes them as an energetic and diverse group of people. He starts coaching football at around 5:15 AM, then teaches four classes, and also instructs a weightlifting class.

He likes to play golf, watch movies, and play with his dogs. He applied for several places until he found Santa Fe. Mr. Carriger claims how working at Santa Fe was just a natural fit. 

“This place has great people, there wasn’t a way for me not to join Santa Fe,” Carriger said.

Oklahoma isn’t Carriger’s original home; he has lived in multiple places such as New York, Arkansas and Texas. He also lived just outside of Chicago, going to school there for a time. 

Carriger already had a passion and a degree for history. Firstly, he applied as a football coach in high school. Then decided he liked kids and that’s where he fell in love with teaching.

Carriger claims that this school gives excellent resources for content areas and provides technology in support of any need. Mr. Carriger was assigned lunch duty for the first weeks of school. By the next day, he had chosen to do lunch duty because of how much he liked it. 

One major conflict this school faces according to Carriger is Covid-19. They’re so many kids quarantined but Carriger says the district is doing a good job. Carriger’s goals are to improve as a teacher. He says the school’s greatest strength is the students and staff. 

“The best thing about working at Santa Fe is the great people,” Carriger said. “Everyone here cares about their job and school.”