Like the military and history? Come take Ms. Kalentis’s elective on Military History.

Kilynn Hammons, Howler Staff Writer

Elizabeth Kalenits” Ms.K” is a new teacher at Santa Fe. She teaches Military History as an elective and also teaches World History. 

Kalentis is engaged to an Airforce pilot. She is hoping to purchase a black labrador by next summer, so she has time to train it but at the moment she is taking care of a cat.   

Before moving to Oklahoma, she lived in Texas and Colorado. Kalenits grew up in Texas and went to Oklahoma State University. She then moved back to Texas to earn her teaching degree after majoring in history 

After teaching for two years in Houston, her fiance brought her back to Oklahoma. He’s working for Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City. 

In Military History, the students learn more about what goes on in the military and how it affects our lives day today. 

She finds it very important for young adults to know and understand different aspects of the military. Her class will express what happens in the military, what the different branches do and understand the functions of our military. 

“Just cause, you know, I didn’t really have exposure to that information at my high school,” Kalentis said. 

In her Military History class, they do things outside of the normal. They watch movies about past events and she has brought in military recruits so they could present and talk about the different branches. This is also to give a little insight into what the military might look like for the student. 

When walking into her classroom, her desk is in the far right corner. She has multiple posters on her wall depicting famous events and people from US history, such as John F. Kennedy and the moon landing

Kalentis finds Santa Fe warm and very supportive of one another.

“Opening and welcoming… it’s a great school. I love it here.” Kalentis said.