Courtney Galvin, eagle to wolf

Olive Miller, Managing Editor, Santa Fe Staff Writer

With this year’s incoming Freshman class being the largest ever, it’s understandable that Santa Fe has selected some of the best teachers for this year. One of those is Courtney Galvin, a Freshman English teacher, whose classroom is decked out with twinkle lights and book pages sprawling across the walls; this creates a warm, cozy and almost library feeling to her new classroom.

Many students at Santa Fe are already familiar with Courtney. She previously worked at Summit for four years before joining the Santa Fe staff team, which is where she always wanted to be.

“This is where I’ve always wanted to be,” Galvin said. “After several years of gaining some experience… Finally, something opened up and I was able to get to the spot where I really, really wanted to be.”

Galvin has expressed excitement about joining the staff and having a new experience while still being able to stay within Edmond Public Schools. Galvin is known throughout Summit -and now Santa Fe- for having a great relationship with her students.

“I like to tell stories,” Galvin said. “When you share a story with someone they want to tell you a story back.”

And stories she tells. Being a new mom has brought tons of new stories and life into her classroom, from funny comments about the lack of sleep she got the previous night to how her kid reminds her of herself. 

Galvin’s classroom is full of life and an incredible environment to learn in. Santa Fe should be proud to secure yet another dedicated and loveable teacher.