Bulldog is now a wolf


Leah Parkhurst

Meet Mrs. Nespeca!

Kilynn Hammons, Howler Staff Writer

The Santa Fe wolves welcome a former bulldog into the pack.  

Mandy Nespeca has a welcoming office. Walking into her office you first see some of her diplomas and a pinboard with quotes on it. Then, you see a table with a lamp on it with two chairs. To the right, you see her desk with some of her personal things on it. 

Mrs.Nespeca has lived in Edmond her entire life. She went to Chisholm Elementary, Cimarron Middle School and Memorial High School. 

Outside of being a psychologist, Mrs. Nespeca enjoys reading, going on walks and spending time with family. She is with a mom with two kids, one is in middle school and the other in elementary school. Nespeca is also married.  As her children are getting older, she is having to branch out more, which she is getting used to. 

Mrs. Nespeca is the new school psychologist at Santa Fe. Nespeca worked at Frontier Elementary, before coming to Santa Fe. As a psychologist, she studies emotional, cognitive, social processes and behavior. Nespeca does this by watching, listening and recording how a student acts with one another. 

“This is my 10th year as a school psychologist,” Mrs. Nespeca said. “My fifth year working for Edmond Public Schools.” 

Mrs. McBride, the last psychologist at Santa Fe, knew Nespeca and recommended her to Santa Fe. She enjoys working with high school students. 

“… you can have better insights into what’s going on in your lives and you are actually able to ask those questions of if you need support, need help,” Nespeca said. 

Children aren’t able to express themselves the same way as young adults can. So, she finds it easier to work with high school students. Teenagers are able to express themselves better. 

“…I also heard just amazing things about the staff of the students, the teacher, everyone here at Santa Fe,” Nespeca said.