New teacher Jonathan Hunt is welcomed back to the wolf pack


Leah Parkhurst

Jonathan Hunt – Special Education Teacher

Channing Hill, Santa Fe Staff Writer

Jonathan Hunt joins the Santa Fe Staff as a Moderate Cognition teacher this school year. 

Although it’s his very first year teaching, Jonathan Hunt is not new to Santa Fe High School. He student-taught at Santa Fe in the spring of 2021 and decided to stay on staff as a special education teacher. 

Even after only being at Santa Fe for a year, Hunt said that he really felt that Santa Fe was a close-knit community, for staff and students alike. He said that he could count on almost anyone from Santa Fe to help you out when you need it. 

When it came to teaching, Hunt said that he was drawn to special education specifically. He had worked with kids that had special needs before and grew to love it. 

“When I graduated high school I did a summer camp, I worked as a counselor in Minnesota and it was for people with special needs and after that I just kind of fell in love with that population of people,” Hunt said. “I was just drawn to that, those group of people and I thought I could make a difference.” 

In addition to teaching, Hunt spends his time listening to country music and playing board games, as well as keeping up with his favorite sports teams. 

“I’m a huge sports guy,” Hunt said. “I love football, I love OU football. I love baseball; I’m from Missouri so I love the Cardinals… anything sports-related.” 

Santa Fe is proud and honored to welcome Jonathan Hunt as an official teacher this school year as he begins his career in education. Welcome to the Wolf Pack!