The mayor and the wolves


Edmond’s new mayor, Darrell Davis

Ethan Barnes and Grace Hepner

2021 has brought many changes and triumphs including the election of the city of Edmond´s new Mayor Darrell Davis. Davis has made history by being Edmond´s first African-American mayor elected. Mayor Davis has made it his goal to inspire the youth in the city of Edmond. This history-making man also has a unique connection with the Santa Fe wolves. 

Mayor Davis has a deep history embedded into Edmond Public Schools. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, he and his wife moved here over 30 years ago. The family’s involvement with education in Edmond is extensive. Mrs. Davis has been a part of the wolf family since 2003. His daughter, Debreon Davis, is the principal at Edmond North High School. All three of his children attended Edmond Public Schools. This history continues today with Santa Fe’s own, Paul Keeton. Paul is Davis’ nephew, he has attended Edmond Public Schools his entire life and he plans on attending Oklahoma State University.

“I feel honored to be his nephew,” Keeton said. 

Mayor Davis is married to our very own Marti Davis. Mrs. Davis is extremely hardworking and works at Santa Fe as a part of the technology support team, helping students with textbooks, chromebooks, activity calendar and webmaster needs. Adding to her massive responsibilities at Santa Fe,  Mrs. Davis has been the backbone of the entire mayoral campaign. She served as the committee chairperson overseeing events, projects, managing the calendar and social media. 

“We learned that working as a team kept us on track and moving in the right direction,¨ said Mrs. Davis.

The Davis family has high hopes about what to accomplish in coming years. 

Mrs. Davis said, this includes: ¨continuing to move Edmond forward with confidence. Try to introduce advantageous projects to our city so that it can remain one of the best places to live and raise your family. We also want to utilize the variegation of talents we have throughout our great city to keep the artistic flow a success.¨

With this deep history, it is expected that Davis has big plans for education, which, rightfully so, he does.

Mayor Davis said, “I plan to continue to work to have a partnership with Edmond Public schools and the city to see how we can continue to grow other activities like the aquatics center. That is a three-way partnership with the school, the city, and the YMCA; and the tennis center which is a two-way partnership. I’m going to look for other opportunities for other partnerships with the school system. To enhance the provided services to students and the citizens of Edmond.”

We asked Mayor Davis what advice he had for students who may want to be involved in politics in the future.

“Take advantage of the school system that you are in, You are all going to Edmond Santa Fe which is one of the best high schools in Edmond, and take advantage of what you are learning here, you have great teachers, talk to them to get involved, If you are eligible to vote, get out and vote. Become a part of your community, just don’t sit on the sidelines and play all the time, we have opportunities for you to volunteer, to help the city grow and I encourage students to do that,” Mayor Davis said.

The election of Mayor Davis is a historic moment for the city of Edmond. With this, we hope his mayorship is one filled with historic moments, continuing to build the town of Edmond. The future is bright.

The Davis Family: Mrs. Marti Davis, Mayor Davis and daughter Debreon Davis. (