Political bias in media

Chloe Clinton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In today’s society, a simple scroll through Google reveals a slew of biased and inflammatory news. From One America News Network (OAN) to CNN, cable news is ranked on a spectrum from left to right wing biases. Some stations fall in the center, being the most “reliable” for factual reporting. 

Biases are an unavoidable part of human nature. Reporters are supposed to cover factual information without any ideological biases; however, they are human beings who have their own opinions that might shine through the facts of a piece. As active members of the political realm, we should recognize these biases and fact-check this information. To be a proactive reader, we must use multiple sources from all sides of the political spectrum to obtain the full story. 

These biases in the media are for a lack of better words are harmless to the bases of the U.S democracy when recognized. However, when these biases are ignored the most harmful to both the foundation of democracy and citizens. Typically the biases that are deemed insignificant based on their size can turn the tables. A short online post with the most misinformation, nowadays can make the loudest boom. Yet  as readers and more importantly as citizens, we have to choose facts and substantial information over the most enticing headline. 

When you are investigating current events, ensure you are informed as possible. Read multiple articles and viewpoints, then make your own conclusions. Stay away from personal unverified statements, unless you have prior information on the situation. Headlines can be misleading, so be sure and read the entire article before using it as source in conversation. There are a few sites that rank news outlets based on reliability and biases, taking a quick look at these sites can help find the most neutral station to follow for accurate reporting of events. Some sites include All Slides and Poynter. Staying informed is essential to maintaining the integrity of media outlets across the nation.