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2024 Academic All-State Winners

The smartest kids at our school.

Academic all state is one of the highest accomplishments you can achieve in high school. This year, Santa Fe had the honor of having three seniors that will carry this great title. 

Jaley Hunt, Alayna Leck and Madison Keene are the three that will hold the title of Edmond Santa Fe Academic-All State. Here is just a look into two of their busy crazy lives. 

Jaley Hunt 

Hunt is not only an outstanding student in the classroom, but outside of it as well. She is a member of multiple clubs and extracurriculars that Santa Fe has to offer but the ones that truly stand out are:

  • Advisory Board Member for the Edmond Public Schools Foundation Student Ambassador Program
  • Founder and leader of a community project called the A3 (All-Aspiring Artists) Project
  • Vice President, and violinist, for the Santa Fe Orchestra
  • Secretary for Santa Fe’s National Honor Society
  • Captain of Santa Fe’s Academic Team

And as I previously mentioned, this is just to name a few.

On top of hours of extracurriculars, Hunt still manages to maintain a 4.0 with 10 Advanced Placement (AP) classes throughout her high school career. 

This outstanding student has been accepted into multiple colleges already but she is waiting to make any final decisions until she hears back from some of her top choice schools. 

Already Receiving $6500 in scholarships, doing around 2-3 hours of homework a night and scoring so highly on tests like the ACT and AP tests, you would see Hunt as the “picture-perfect” student. But, even she sometimes has her setbacks. 

“My advice would be to continue working hard for what you want,” Hunt said. “There are so many times throughout high school that I would get overwhelmed and frustrated at the amount of homework I had or the amount of things I needed to get done, but I tried to keep a goal in mind of what I was working for (college acceptance, scholarships, awards like this, etc.) I think that helped me a lot in continuing to move forward and therefore in getting this title.”

Alayna Leck

Vice-President of Student Council and President of Chinese Club, Alayna Leck has definitely left her impact on Santa Fe. She is known in a variety of ways throughout the school; Robotics, National Honor Society, Choir, she finds a way to make her mark in all aspects Santa Fe has to offer. 

She has become a big part of Santa Fe’s annual Cultural Fair. Making sure there’s a lot of different cultures represented while also communicating with our Admin about everything that is going on. 

During the summer she volunteers with the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States teaching free summer science workshops for children. When she has free-time she’s a waitress so that she can have some extra spending money.

While doing all of this she has managed to keep a perfect GPA despite being in majority AP Classes. This year alone she’s enrolled in five. 

She has done extremely well on the ACT and she gives her credit to —->

“It looks sketchy, but it’s legitimate and all of the tests are real ACT questions, which is the best part,” Leck said. It also has explanations for all answers. It’s free.”

These three amazing women have shown how truly talented Santa Fe is. They represent an entire population of young adults that are determined to be something great.

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Alanna LaDeaux, Howler Co-Editor In Chief
Hi! My name is Alanna Ladeaux. I play school and travel softball. I have been playing since I was 3 years old. I am also involved in all sorts of clubs including, founder of the Black Student Union and Senior Class President. I have been on the Howler staff since my Sophomore year of High school and I love to write. 

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