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Slay the Fe? The Fe slayed.

Santa Fe triumphed over Edmond Memorial in an impressive 8-touchdown game on Friday, Sept. 22. 

Santa Fe was dominant from the very beginning. After a touchdown just minutes into the first quarter, Santa Fe never gave up that momentum and drive. Santa Fe was a force of nature with a powerful offense scoring twice every quarter and a defense not allowing any points until the fourth quarter.

The first quarter was a great start both offensively and defensively. Santa Fe scored two touchdowns but earned 0 extra points, leaving them up 12 points to Memorial’s 0, thanks to great coverage by the Santa Fe defense. 12-0 is a great start to an Edlam game.

In the second quarter, Santa Fe extended their lead thanks to 2 touchdowns, both of which earned extra points thanks to the kicker, Kale Purvis. With an additional 14 points to our already impressive lead, the 1st half ended 26-0 in Santa Fe’s favor.

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The third quarter looked eerily similar to the 2nd with 2 touchdowns and 2 earned extra points, adding 14 points and allowing 0 to the Memorial Offense. With a score of 40-0 going into the 4th, dreams of a shutout were on everyone’s mind.

The Santa Fe offense and kicker kept their impressive consistency in the fourth quarter by scoring two additional 7-point touchdowns. On the defensive side, our defense allowed the first Memorial touchdown, which earned an extra point off the kick, leaving the final score 54-7. 

A performance of this level the week before the big North-Santa Fe rivalry match on Friday, Sept. 29 is very reassuring.

Santa Fe currently sits at 2-1 going into this tough rivalry game against Edmond North. With the offensive consistency and defensive coverage shown in the first 3 games, as well as great kicks and coverage by our special teams, Santa Fe looks great against Edmond North, but it will be a hard-fought battle. 

Santa Fe vs. North will be hosted in Santa Fe stadium; tickets are $8 or you can buy a season pass for access to all home games for all sports this season. You can also stream future games remotely at

Sophomore Briar Harrison and senior Kale Purvis celebrate the win against Memorial High School (Bella Lanberg)

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