How to have a perfect “Reset Sunday”


Cay Osborn

My Room after a perfect “Reset Sunday”

Cay Osborn, Howler Staff Writer

Sunday is a day that I consider to be wildly underrated. For some, the day is reserved for religious excursions. For others, it’s a day purposefully filled with absolutely nothing as working long weeks has become no stranger to many. After a long week, all I want to do is relax and feel rejuvenated. With a little thing called “Reset Sunday” you can relax, prepare for the upcoming week and get in the right headspace by cleaning your environment with this simple routine. 

After sleeping in for as long as you wish, the first task at hand is getting all your bedsheets in the washer. Sleeping in and naturally waking up keeps from feeling tired throughout the day. Putting your bedsheets in the washer helps refrain from sleeping or taking a nap which would throw off the night portion of the routine. 

Eat a nutritious breakfast that makes you feel healthy, even if you aren’t, and make a grocery list for later. After grocery shopping, organizing your groceries while putting them away helps keep all the food you have available in mind. I had a bad habit of letting food expire because I would forget it, but putting fast perishable foods right in front of your face is a hard thing to miss. Don’t forget to rotate your laundry. 

For a couple of hours, relaxing is the only thing to do. Another big part of “Reset Sunday” is giving your body time to heal. Over exertion is not the best thing for the mind and body, so being mindful of when you need a break is important. “Reset Sunday” not only gives you time to do chores but also provides time for you to learn what your body needs. 

Periodically checking on your laundry throughout the day will all be worthwhile after you fold it all and put it away. An organized closet reduces clutter in your space and a clean space is essential to making sure I have a good week. After putting away laundry, make your bed and hop in the shower. Making your bed before you shower means no time wasted when it’s time to crawl into bed.

After completing this routine, you should be set for the week. Set goals for yourself throughout the week and clean up the messes on Sunday.