Beat North Assembly

Leah Parkhurst

Cay Osborn, Howler Staff Writer

The annual Beat North assembly occurred on Sept. 29 in preparation for the football game on Sept. 30. 

Student Council President, Angelina Lang, opened up the assembly with the popular scavenger hunt game. Chaos ensued as students rushed to bring objects back to the judges before any of the other classes.   

“I like the scavenger hunt game because it gets the crowd excited,” sophomore, Anabella Phillips said. 

Throughout the assembly, Santa Fe students found multiple ways to build excitement for the game. The Santa Fe alma mater was sung, a game of dodgeball was played and we got to see a sneak peek of 2023 Double Wolf Dare Week boy bands performances. The seniors took yet another spirit stick win, proving they are the most spirited students at Santa Fe high school.

 Beat North!