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ElijahPaul Depona

ElijahPaul Depona, Executive Feature Content Editor

Yo whats good its your boy, Swaggerson66 aka Elijah Depona. I have the privage of being this years Executive Abnormal Phenomenon Editor (don't know how this happen) and I plan to inform you on everything weird this year. This will be my 3rd year in this class and my senior year to boot so you can expect some interesting and high quality weird news as this year progress. I plan on going to uco after I graduate so you all that toon in can say that you knew about me before I become famous. I used to have a lot of after school activates like band and wresting but as the years went on I realized that this class offers a great insight on the ins and outs of the production of many media events. So if you even remotely interested in how they made your favorite superhero fly or how they plan out storylines that span seasons then this is the perfect class for you. And remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on notifications. Peace-peace ;)

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