Junior senior Basketball Bash

Jett Birsner

Jett Birsner, Howler Co-chief Editor

Santa Fe students packed into the gym to watch senior and junior students duke it out in the annual Double Wolf Dare Week Basketball Bash this last Friday.

Similar to the powderpuff football game, the junior-senior Basketball Bash is a recreational game in which students from different grade levels compete to raise money for a certain cause. This year, all proceeds from the event will go to the 2023 Double Wolf Dare Week recipient, Not Your Average Joe.

The game itself was extremely competitive. The seniors built a big lead in the first half and scored twice as many points as the juniors. In the second half, the juniors fought back, hitting many big shots and even tying up the game, but ultimately the seniors would walk away victorious winning 34-27.

“My favorite part of the game was winning for the second year in a row with my friends,” senior Ben Williams said.

One explanation for the junior class’ loss was the difficulty Student Council (STUCO) encountered while recruiting juniors to play in the game.

“I knew our depth chart wasn’t too strong, so I took it into my own hands to go and get some of my own recruits,” said junior STUCO member Grant Ehret. “As I was asking people, I slowly realized people were either too scared to play, or in their words, didn’t have shoes.”

After the game, the seniors recited the “I believe that we have won” chant, and their celebration in the locker room could be heard throughout the gym.

“We played Chief Keef as loud as possible,” senior Jack Finnegan said.